What happens when you give something a slight twist? It lends a new perspective on things – and a new look. This was the principal motive for Kristina Rosing, when she one day set about updating the Coco Collection’s pendant. The twist is subtle, but it lends new possibilities in the setting of diamonds on the design, catching the light from different angles.


The Twisted collection is comprised of bangles, rings, necklaces, pendants for earrings and hoops. The jewellery is made of either gold or white gold, set with sparkling diamonds.


The Twisted Bangle is a restorative and renewed take on a traditional bangle. Its physical beauty is both youthful and relaxed in the ease with which it fits on the wrist, and the way it compliments all watches. As a timeless piece, the bangle is a refined jewellery choice, and when set with diamonds, its exuberance will charm you as a style pick, that will last for decades to come.


The Twisted bangle is made of either yellow or white gold. For optimal effect, that signature twist of the design can be filled with diamonds – but the bangle also works without any gemstones.

A Twisted Alliance

With the Twisted Alliance ring, designer Kristina Rosing has added a new piece to the Twisted collection. Originally, a fresh perspective on the classic alliance ring allowed the jewellery designer to fashion her own look at the genre. The subtle twist of the Möbius band plays a game of peek-a-boo with the diamonds set on one side of the ring, catching the light from different angles, and thus giving additional sparkle to the precious gemstones. Inviting stacking options to the pure abstraction of the Twisted Alliance. The Twisted Alliance ring can be made in three gold colours.


The Twisted Shooting Star Ring unites the best of two Rosing jewellery collections. Light is reflected in the precious metal of the ring’s twisted shank, as is the signature of the Twisted collection – and the Twisted Shooting Star ring is set with either one or two diamonds on the top, as is the characteristic of the design of the Shooting Star collection.


The Twisted Shooting Star ring is made of either gold or white gold, set with sparkling diamonds.


With its subtle play with the light, the Twisted Coco Pendant’s visual impact is made possible through gracefully balanced proportions and sublime craftsmanship. The everlasting appeal of the TwistedCoco Pendant will be sure to capture your joyous moment, and as an icon it nestles a woman’s seductive secrets in the small twist of the design, harboring the diamonds.


The Twisted Coco Pendants are made in either yellow or white gold, in tree sizes – set with diamonds.


By synthetizing tradition with modernity, the category of classic hoops has gotten a contemporary reinterpretation in the Twisted Hoops. Thanks to the wise hands of goldsmiths who combine ancient goldsmith techniques with modern creativity, the Twisted Hoops are made in four diameters. The gracefully balanced proportions give the Twisted Hoops their play of light and depth, and the simple – but rather ingenious – twist allows the diamonds to be seen from every angle.


The Twisted Hoops are made in everlasting goldsmith materials – either white or yellow, set with or without brilliants.


Deceptively simple, the Twist’n’Twirl pendants for earrings have taken a lot of careful design considerations and trials. The pendants are made in two versions; either in gold or white gold. The most extravagant versions of the Twist’n’Twirl are either set with a single row of diamonds in the middle of the spiral, or scattered across the pendant.


The Twist’n’Twirl pendants illuminate a woman’s jawline with soft rows of enveloping gold and precious diamonds, embracing the body with delicacy and elegance.


The twisting and twirling necklace pendant of Rosing has reached new levels of abstraction with its sculptural three-dimensionality. As a sinuous token of love and eternal happiness, the serpentine form also carries a certain streamlined modernity with it. While skillfully blending style with sophistication in a fine jewellery expression, innovation and artisan excellence is highlighted.


The minimalistic necklace pendant is made in either gold or white gold, set with a single row of diamonds in the middle, or scattered across the pendant.