Special commissions

Nowadays, we mainly give jewellery to mark happy occasions – birthdays, Christmas, first communions, high school graduation, engagements, weddings and the like. But this was not always the case.

The design and making of them quickly requires tens, if not hundreds, of work-hours, so estimated costs are counted in several thousands of Danish kroner. As fitting sessions are also to be expected, having a unique piece done takes months.

High Fashion
From time to time – and for certain select lifestyle media outlets – Rosing Fine Jewelry makes hand-picked jewellery pieces available for editorial fashion shoots and coverage in collaboration with the stylists working for the magazines and newspapers fashion sections.  

Dress up and live up – an autumn/winter shoot for the Danish magazine Luxury Aficionados, the November 2023 issue, issue 87. Stylist: Maria Angelova. #4 Collection, Twisted, Twisted Icicle and the Waves ring were among the pieces featured from Rosing.

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