Solitaire Collection

Eternally and romantically feminine. Few things endure through the ages, their infinity integral to their beauty – however, diamonds, engagement rings and wedding bands are among them. When entering in to an emotional commitment, the joy and celebration call for the glamour of a beautiful solitaire ring.


The pure lines of Rosing’s Solitaire collection allow diamonds to shine supreme – the feminine choice.

Solitaire Ring

A classic and supremely elegant diamond ring. A solitaire diamond engagement ring is a symbol recognised all around the world. The ring is a circle with no beginning or end, and an ancient symbol of eternity with the sparkling diamond as the everlasting light of love. The finest of diamonds to mark an everlasting love.


The exquisitely crafted Solitaire rings are made in our workshops according to your choice of precious metals.

Solitaire Earrings

Meticulously matched in size, clarity and colour, Rosing’s Solitaire stud earrings are set with perfectly round brilliant-cut diamonds, because classic diamond earrings makes you sparkle even more. The delicate studs are masterpieces of fine jewellery, underlining the greatest perfection between design and craftsman excellence.


For everyday elegance, the winning combination of ideal dimensions of brilliants and settings make dreams come true.


Timeless and refined, the Solitaire necklace is the natural completion of the feminine Solitaire collection. Artfully encased in gold, the colourless diamond is set in an exquisite, yet supremely pure mount, which emphasises the care with which the diamond has chosen – forever a reminder of the person that gave the gift of the pendant.


Matched and selected to underscore the timeless combination of gold and diamonds, the pendant is as perfect for everyday wear as it is for evening.