Rosing Design

Beauty, functionality, and unique design embody the Danish jewellery company Rosing, which creates modern jewellery for men and women. Sophisticated, sleek design and timeless elegance are our focal points, so that each woman and man may have the luxury of knowing that their jewellery will lasts a lifetime – both in terms of design and quality.

Kristina Rosing

Kristina Rosing has grown up in a family that for several generations has worked with some of the world’s most prestigious watch brands, as well as jewellery made of gold and set with diamonds. With her own two design educations, and as creative director and designer, Kristina Rosing heads the Danish jewellery brand Rosing. ”It is a pleasure to make my greatest passion my career. It is my ambition to meet the demands of all design-conscious consumers with the jewellery of Rosing.”


The Rosing jewellery idiom entails flexibility and elegance of all pieces. A Rosing jewel can quickly have its look changed, either by the adding of a pendant to an earring, or by clients leaving their own imprint on the jewellery with a personal engraving. Rosing jewellery is equally fitting for everyday wear and celebrations.


”I am fascinated by the classic style and superb quality of some Swiss watch brands – and like those brands, I focus on jewellery appropriate for busy lives and active wear. I find it so rewarding to see my clients cherishing and appreciating the value of excellent quality, just like I do myself.”

Design and process

Kristina Rosing’s design is closely linked with her aesthetic intuition, with dreams realized in to contemporary and refined pieces. Each Rosing creation begins with a sketch done by hand followed by consultations with our goldsmith about the function and feasibility of the piece. A prototype is then made in order for us to gain insights into how the jewel’s final look will be. Sometimes, changes may be necessary, and then the creation is made in gold. It is always a magical moment when we hold the actual jewel in our hands for the first time – from its origins as a few lines on a piece of paper to the reality of the finished piece.


Kristina Rosing finds inspiration for her jewellery design on her travels around the world, in nature, fashion and art – and she doesn’t shy away from combining materials such as rubber with gold. Engravings can add characters, while diamonds set in gold will heighten the luxury feel of a piece. “My time in the fashion industry definitely gives me an edge, because it has taught me how trends develop. And I understand how jewellery should complement clothing.”


The design of Rosing focuses on the classic and modern. Pure aesthetics, innovation, and timeless elegance are the concepts pursued. The jewellery is wearable for all occasions; sparkling, functional and flexible. The clean lines of Rosing combined with precision and perfection in the execution of the goldsmith and gem-setting work radiate strength and elegance.


The design and quality of Rosing ensures that the jewellery last for generations to come.