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When sizing your finger for a ring, many factors come into play. The internal shape and external width of the ring determines the perfect match between ring and finger – but just as important is how you like your rings to fit you. Do you prefer a ring to be a little loose, or do you like it tight-fitting? Remembering that fingers may swell a bit during the summer’s warm weather, a wider ring may require you to go one or even two sizes up.

Measure your finger by tying a piece of thread around it. Mark the thread where it overlaps, peel it off the finger again, and measure the length. Always keep in mind, that a ring has to be just big enough to slide over the last joint of the finger – but not so big, that it would fall off again.

Another way to go about determining your finger size, is by measuring the internal diameter of a ring, that fits you, in mm. Multiply this number by pi (3.14), and you will have an idea of your size.

Women’s finger sizes usually range between 50 and 60 mm; men’s between 60 and 70 mm.

If in doubt about your finger size, you are always most welcome to drop by our boutique in Odense for measuring and fitting. A ring should always be comfortable to wear – like it is a natural continuation of your finger and hand. In the end, you may feel best about trying a ring out first, before committing to it.