Created by Nature and the most beautiful treasure of the ocean – the pearl.


For thousands of years, pearls have been a symbol of love, purity, happiness and prosperity. These rare gems fascinate with their soft, glowing lustre which gives them a delicate overall appearance. Like diamonds, every single pearl is unique. Fine cultured pearls are rare and in great demand. Rosing only buy cultured pearls from trusted suppliers in order to guarantee the high quality.


With a contemporary view of the pearl in mind, Kristina Rosing has a definite take on how pearls should be worn, understood and perceived. The expression is deliberately conceptualized to blend in with everyday clothing, in order to ensure maximum wear. Diamonds may provide an eternal glamour, but pearls ensure that pieces are both gracious and inviting for a woman to adorn herself with.


South Sea pearls are the queen of pearls – rare, large and breathtakingly beautiful; they are found in feminine shades of white, silver, rose, light yellow and golden. Tahiti cultured pearls represent the dark colours of the colour spectrum with shades of blue, green, metallic, and grey. In size, they range from 8-16 mm and in some cases up to 20 mm.

Quality criteria

Like diamonds, pearls are also graded on size and colour, but the value of pearls is primarily based on lustre and shape.

Shooting star Pearl

Coco Pearl