The #4 Collection is inspired by the very first collection of jewellery that Kristina Rosing was involved in the creation of, at her parents’ and grandparents’ business. The line was entitled io jewels, and it centred on the harmonious motif of a square. This inspired the #4 Collection, both in motif and name, and it is one of Rosing’s signature designs; dramatic, beautiful and audacious.


The square motif is either left open, or fitted with a gold insert, inviting engravings surrounded by diamond-set edges, or perhaps simply completely covered with diamonds.

#4 Ring

#4 is a statement ring. It is either made with the centre left open or fitted with a gold insert. A gold insert can be considered a standing invitation for you to create your own personal ring. Special engravings – a favourite quote, your initials, a significant date, your family coat-of-arms or perhaps a historic crest as a signet for the sealing of documents – are all made on request.


Goldsmiths traditions and heritage bring life to jewellery pieces with a fashionable edge. Having the benefit of our own workshop allows us to carry out your exact wishes for personalisation.

#4 Pendants

Going for an almost rigorous graphic-minimalistic look has been the aim and ambition of this pendant, thus bringing a fresh perspective to a purely geometric form. The #4 pendant goes for a new level of sophistication, and the pendant is as bold in form as it is uncompromising in execution and quality of the craftsmanship.


As is the case with the #4 ring, this pendant for necklaces is either made of gold or white gold and set with diamonds.

#4 Collier

The #4 Collier is punctuated by the square motif, which is the design signature that inspired the naming of the collection. The larger, diamond-set squares are left with open centres, but as a luxurious touch, they are set with diamonds on both sides of the squares. The smaller squares are made of solid gold. As a timeless collier it is a fitting addition to all women’s wardrobes.


The #4 Collier is made of gold or white gold and set with diamonds. Take note – diamonds are set on both sides of the open squares seen on the length of the collier.

#4 Bracelet

Tracing its timelessness as it graces your wrist, the #4 bracelet combines inspired imagination with expert technique, allowing you to add a flawless statement piece to any occasion – night or day. The golden squares embody fluidity and movement, as they move with a woman’s wrist, accentuating the sensuality of the juxtaposition of gold and diamonds.


Like the #4 ring, the #4 bracelet is made of gold or white gold and set with diamonds – and the hidden lock is an important, yet discreet, feature of the bracelet.

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#4 Earrings & Pendants

With their modest look, the pair of #4 ear studs with or without four diamonds can be worn by themselves – but there is also the wonderful option of adding one or more of the #4 pendants made especially for the line. Options include baroque South Sea cultured pearls, for a more extravagant look, or perhaps large square motifs with diamonds.


The #4 earrings and matching pendants interconnect with small gold loops, thus ensuring the easy mounting of pendants, and giving the possibility of adding-on to a collection of jewels.

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#4 hair pins

Most lately, the #4 collection has been renewed with a romantic hair pin made of gold and set with brilliants. The silhouette of the harmonic square, which both served as an inspiration for the motif and the title of the collection, is set with 0,15ct TW/VS diamonds. As the ultimate stylish glitter for glossy hair, the hair pin is just as suitable for a wedding day as it is for an everyday occasion. As an extravagant touch, the hair pin is the perfect combination of a piece of jewellery and an accessory, with its modern reference to ancient traditions for hair jewellery.

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#4 Collection

This is one of Rosing signature designs. At once elegant and dramatic – a beautiful and audacious design.

#4 Tuxedo Buttons

The ultimate accessory for a distinguished gentleman looking to express his artistic side is a set of #4 Tuxedo buttons, made in gold with pavé-set diamonds, to complete his look for New Year’s celebrations and other festive events. So go bold and be courageous, fearless and joyful – surprise him while surpassing his expectations.


The buttons are either set with scintillating colourless or black diamonds, making them smoothly stylish – classic, yet precious.

#4 Cuff links

The #4 cuff links are created as the sophisticated statement of taste and functionality for the modern man. You can never go wrong with gifting the man in your life with a pair of cuff links, and Rosing invites you to indulge in a jewellery match made in Heaven. The #4 cuff links can be used for formal occasions, or for a splendid evening out.


The #4 cuff links are made in either white or yellow gold – and paved with diamonds for the most audacious of gentlemen.