Jewellery Designer

Kristina Rosing

Kristina Rosing grew up in a family which for generations has worked with some of the world’s most prestigious watch brands. She holds two design degrees, and as creative director, Kristina Rosing heads the Danish jewellery brand Rosing. ”It is a pleasure to combine my career with my greatest passion, and it is my ambition to showcase the fine jewellery of Rosing to design-conscious consumers in Denmark and the rest of the world.”

The Danish jewellery company Rosing presents classic fine jewellery and accessories for women and men alike. From the understated to the extravagant, the look is always chic and elegant, and the quality superb. The Danish Design heritage is a definite influence on Kristina Rosing’s style, and a generous display of gold sets the mood, while diamonds add a subtle glamourous touch. Danish goldsmiths ensure a commitment to the highest quality, and the clientele always have the option to have their Rosing jewellery customised with engravings and additional gemstones.

The fine jewellery is wearable for all occasions – sparkling, functional and flexible.

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