Since water improves our health and complexion, it is only natural that Rosing Fine Jewellery pays homage to this most indispensable part of our World, vital for our lives. Oceans and lakes, rain and glaciers, snow and ice – the phases and incarnations of water are numerous and make for a most versatile source of inspiration, as the very heart of nature. Rosing has already touched upon water in the Icicles design, and with this Waves ring, the design inspiration is the movement of water in oceans and rivers. The ring is made in two widths, that can be worn fitted into each other, or placed to have the waves crashing in to each other, for more life and light. The design also works as a solitary ring worn by itself. The brilliants evoke the fluidity of tranquil rivers and lively streams.


Sparkling, functional and flexible…

The rings allow and encourage for combinations as desired. The rings are made in either white, yellow or rose gold, with or without diamonds. The possibilities for personalisation of the expression and style are endless.

The Coco ring comes in different sizes – to be mixed or worn individually.

Coco Pearl

The perfect ring for evening-wear. The Coco Pearl ring in gold or white gold comes in two sizes, and a range of natural coloured Tahiti and South Sea cultured pearls which are encircled with colourless diamonds. To be worn individually or in a bouquet.


#4 is a statement ring. It both comes with a hole and with a gold insert. The gold insert invites you to create your own personal ring with a special engraving – a favourite quote, your initials, a date or perhaps your family coat-of-arms.

Shooting Star & Shooting Star Pearl

When you wish upon a star…

For those in search of that special something. A solid gold ring wrapped around your finger with a sparkling diamond or a beautiful pearl. Or perhaps both. It took many sketches and almost two years of work before the final design of this ring was perfect. Today, it is one of Rosing signature jewels.

Equest Ring

With a sense of occasion and that of the DNA of Rosing Fine Jewelry, the Equest ring is spun from the same dreams as the Coco collection – an open ring to grace the slender fingers of a woman of substance. Alluding to the magnificence of the equestrian world, the piece is as wearable as it is poetic, as intellectual as it is emotional.


The Equest series is made exclusively in gold, with or without a selection of brilliant-cut diamonds – to accessories your days with pure beauty.


For a slender, yet highly sculptural look, the large Nova gold ring has a diamond band at its centre – powerful and elegant. With her distinct sense of architectural patterns that encourages the eyes to wander all the way around the ring, Kristina Rosing has made the Nova design as her homage to symmetry with the subtlest of echoes of harmony.

The Nova ring is made in either gold or white gold, set with diamonds in the middle.

Candy Candy

The collection entitled Candy Candy is all about colours, glamour, cocktails and parties – fun and laid-back, with a bohemian-chic style. Something extraordinary, special and unique, most of the pieces are made as one-of-a-kind, set with colourful gemstones, sometimes in unusual cuts, precious diamonds and lustrous pearls. Extravagant, sophisticated and playful, sapphires, emeralds, tourmalines and rubies banish the winter blues, and remind us of a carefree summer.


The gemstones of the Candy Candy creations include sapphires, rubies, beryls, aquamarines, citrines, tanzanites, peridots, topaz, and spinels, diamonds and cultured pearls, set in gold, white gold and rose gold.

Wedding Rings

A vow is forever. Wedding bands represents the unique and everlasting bond of love – a symbol of your commitment.

Rosing is pleased to help you find the perfect rings for you and your partner.


The Twisted Rings take full advantage of the defining Moebius twist to the design of the open ring. A Twisted Ring is a treasure meant to be passed on through generations, thus forging an everlasting bond between past and present. As a symbol of affection and family bonds, it will be made eternal through the passing of time.


As an outstanding composition and a future classic, the Twisted Rings are made in two sizes. Either one or both endings of the open ring are either set with brilliants.

Twist’n’twirl 1 diamond

Twist’n’twirl 2 diamonds

Legacy af love

With its soft and organic form, the Legacy ring of Rosing Jewelry is pure harmony – as it should be with all future heirlooms. The ring is made of gold and set with brilliant-cut diamonds along the defining oval shape. It can used as an engagement ring or wedding band, should a bride-to-be so desire; as such it will be as unique as the love it represents. A true treasure – to be cherished forever.


With casual nonchalance and a definite sense for fine luxury, Kristina Rosing has reinterpreted the traditional engagement ring with her new design known simply as “Classic”.


As a lover of everything that is beautiful in life, Kristina Rosing is often inspired by geometry. This time, she has effortlessly translated the loveliness of numbers, patterns and perfection into the prong-setting of a diamond solitaire ring.


The diamond on the slender ring is set inside either two, four or six prongs. So, select your visual preference in a relaxed manner, and let the joy of romance shine alongside the distinctive design element. Of course, Classic bears Kristina Rosing’s signature on both sides of the slender gold ring – look closely beneath the diamond on the side of the setting, and you will find the iconic detail.