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As luscious as it is beguiling, add a Pyramid Gold Bar Pin in gold or white gold – perhaps even paved with sparkling diamonds – to your outfit for a sophisticated and stylish look. Kristina Rosing wears her Pyramid Gold Bar Pin in unexpected places; to give a blouse an asymmetrical look by gathering it with the pin, at the end of a cuff or on a trouser leg to accentuate the length of the leg.


The Rosing Pyramid Gold Bar Pin is made of either 14 karat gold or white gold. The setting of diamonds on it is optional.


Most lately, the #4 collection has been renewed with a romantic hair pin made of gold and set with brilliants. The silhouette of the harmonic square, which both served as an inspiration for the motif and the title of the collection, is set with 0,15ct TW/VS diamonds. As the ultimate stylish glitter for glossy hair, the hair pin is just as suitable for a wedding day as it is for an everyday occasion. As an extravagant touch, the hair pin is the perfect combination of a piece of jewellery and an accessory, with its modern reference to ancient traditions for hair jewellery.

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