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As an iconic cultural code, the cross is a Christian sign of salvation and promise of immortality. Standing in for faith and an entire belief system, minimalist in form, substantial in content, historically based and accessible to most, the Cross signals cosmos and the axis of the world, where two opposites meet: The vertical line is Heaven, the spiritual and the male – the horizontal line is the earthbound, the rational and the female – and the fundamental twist to the pendant’s design allows a light-play across the surface of the metal or diamonds set in the piece. The cross is a universally recognized spiritual symbol of unconditional love. Made of either gold or white gold, Cross is a powerful symbol – optionally set with brilliants, the pendant symbolizes the glory and victory of Christ. Cross is also made in a miniature version without diamonds.

Coco Pendants

The ring with the small opening is also made as a pendant for necklaces. It is made in two different sizes and in the three colours of gold, yellow, white and rose gold, and of course set with diamonds.

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Coco Pearl Pendants

As a beautiful and elegant pearl and diamond pendant which compliments every neckline, the Coco Pearl pendant is made in two sizes. While fascinating both mind and heart, the Coco Pearl pendant invites a loving touch – the wearer thinking of the giver, the cultured Tahiti or South Sea pearl has a certain gentleness to it, while surrounded by diamonds which keeps the pearl safe.


The Coco Pearl pendant will remain eternally decorative. The match of pearls and diamonds is one made in heaven – one which flatters and delight all women.

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The Coco Solitaire Necklace was the first to see the light of day in the Coco Solitaire series, and to this day, Kristina Rosing always wears her own, the very first prototype ever made. The setting makes the diamonds appear larger, thereby completing the transformation of sublime gemstones and precious metals into virtuoso creations.


The Coco Solitaire Necklace offers the ultimate in luxury and the definitive in jewellery, surrounded by that amazing aura of authentic craftsmanship.

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Timeless and refined, the Solitaire necklace is the natural completion of the feminine Solitaire collection. Artfully encased in gold, the colourless diamond is set in an exquisite, yet supremely pure mount, which emphasises the care with which the diamond has chosen – forever a reminder of the person that gave the gift of the pendant.


Matched and selected to underscore the timeless combination of gold and diamonds, the pendant is as perfect for everyday wear as it is for evening.

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 Pyramid Gold Bar Necklace

The Rosing Pyramid Gold Bar is made of nine grams of either 14 karat gold or white gold in the motif of the pyramids. The setting of diamonds on the bar is optional; one diamond can be set on the piece, one on each side, or perhaps a side completely set with diamonds.

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#4 Pendants

Going for an almost rigorous graphic-minimalistic look has been the aim and ambition of this pendant, thus bringing a fresh perspective to a purely geometric form. The #4 pendant goes for a new level of sophistication, and the pendant is as bold in form as it is uncompromising in execution and quality of the craftsmanship.

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 #4 Collier Necklace

The #4 Collier is punctuated by the square motif, which is the design signature that inspired the naming of the collection. The larger, diamond-set squares are left with open centres, but as a luxurious touch, they are set with diamonds on both sides of the squares. The smaller squares are made of solid gold. As a timeless collier it is a fitting addition to all women’s wardrobes.


The #4 Collier is made of gold or white gold and set with diamonds. Take note – diamonds are set on both sides of the open squares seen on the length of the collier.

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With its subtle play with the light, the Twisted Necklace Pendant’s visual impact is made possible through gracefully balanced proportions and sublime craftsmanship. The everlasting appeal of the Twisted Necklace Pendant will be sure to capture your joyous moment, and as an icon it nestles a woman’s seductive secrets in the small twist of the design, harboring the diamonds.

The Twisted Necklace Pendants are made in either yellow or white gold, in two sizes – set diamonds.

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The twisting and twirling necklace pendant of Rosing has reached new levels of abstraction with its sculptural three-dimensionality. As a sinuous token of love and eternal happiness, the serpentine form also carries a certain streamlined modernity with it. While skillfully blending style with sophistication in a fine jewellery expression, innovation and artisan excellence is highlighted.


The minimalistic necklace pendant is made in either gold or white gold, set with a single row of diamonds in the middle, or scattered across the pendant.

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