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Twist’n’twirl is made of gold or white gold and set with diamonds.

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Kristina Rosing, Rosing Jewelry, has added a new benchmark design to her growing, multifaceted jewellery collection. Made of gold and set with diamonds from which cultured pearls are suspended, the Icon earring follows the minimalist design idiom set by the designer – a visual style that has won Kristina Rosing many loyal followers and clients – while also referencing the logo of the company.


Icon is meant to stand up to the test of time, thanks to its innovative style and simplicity. Without compromising on what is aesthetically pleasing, Icon proudly takes its place in history by setting new standards in term of quality.


On the earlobe, Rosing’s signature is seen – a circle with a small opening at the bottom. At the bottom, a slightly larger brilliant is set, gently leading the eye over to the white cultured pearl, which is suspended from the central brilliant. The cultured pearl has a built-in tiny seesaw option, to further the impression of liveliness to the design of the earrings.


In an expression of creative abundance, Kristina Rosing has already made Icon in a unique version; with Tahiti cultured pearls from which tassels of black roughly-facetted diamonds are suspended. For the sheer joy of the new design.

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Coco Pearl


Coco Pearl is available in gold and white gold, and the jewel can be made in different sizes and colours of Tahiti and South Sea cultured pearls. Perfect by itself, but also very beautiful to mix in term of pearl sizes and colours.

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Unifying the look of several iconic Rosing designs, the Twisted Icicles earrings combine the signature Twist expression with a touch of the Pyramid Bar, in a sophisticated look that works equally well no matter the season. The earrings reference Kristina Rosing’s ancestral ties to Greenland on her mother’s side. Her beloved maternal grandmother was born on the world’s largest island, and her tales of winter were always cherished in the family. Whenever the perfect beauty of a glittering snowflake is matched by an icicle caught in the light, allowing for flashes of colour, Kristina Rosing always thinks of her grandmother. The earrings are made in three sizes, either in white or yellow gold. Naturally, they are set with brilliants on one side for a most festive look. The earrings are sold individually, so an asymmetrical look can be obtained with various lengths.


#4 Earrings & Pendants

A simple pair of studs with four diamonds which can be worn by themselves – or add the #4 pendant for a more extravagant look.

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Candy Candy Collection

The collection entitled Candy Candy is all about colours, glamour, cocktails and parties. Something extraordinary, special and unique. One-of-a-kind jewellery made with colourful gemstones, precious diamonds and lustrous pearls. Extravagant, sophisticated and playful.

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#2 studs & Snowflake

#2 Studs & Snowflake Pendants is made of gold or white gold and set with diamonds.

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Solitaire is made of gold or white gold and set with diamonds.

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The pavé-set Diamond Drops ear studs have gotten a new pair of drop-shaped pendants in the assortment of possibilities for decorations. The pendants consist of two drops, inscribed within each other, as an echo from the inner to the outer motif – and in a perfect rendition of the overall drop-shape of the ear studs themselves. The pendants are set with diamonds, partially placed on the outside of the drop-shape – partially placed on the inside, thereby referencing the bangle and pendants from the Twisted collection.

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Twisted Hoops

By synthetizing tradition with modernity, the category of classic hoops has gotten a contemporary reinterpretation in the Twisted Hoops. Thanks to the wise hands of goldsmiths who combine ancient goldsmith techniques with modern creativity, the Twisted Hoops are made in four diameters. The gracefully balanced proportions give the Twisted Hoops their play of light and depth, and the simple – but rather ingenious – twist allows the diamonds to be seen from every angle.

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