Jewellery Boxes

A costly piece of fine jewellery deserves to be stored in style. For that reason, Rosing has made a luxurious leather box with designated sections for various jewellery categories. Its size is perfect for your everyday go-to favourite pieces of jewellery. As a travel box it is eminently suited for you to bring your most treasured items with you. Made from surplus leather, the elegant Rosing jewellery box is in perfect sync with a conscious mindset – the best protective storage solution for jewellery worthy of being cared for.

Treasure your keepsakes forever

The perfect overview

No more riffling through any number of boxes. With Rosing’s jewellery box, you have the perfect overview of your assortment of jewellery, and watches fit in there, too. Pure enjoyment for all the senses.  

Exclusivity, order and beauty

Keeping your jewellery neat – always

Dog Tag Cuff Links

Complete a jewellery set for gentlemen by matching up the Dog Tag pendant with Dog Tag cufflinks. At Rosing Design, we believe in wearing our love, sentiment and allegiances on our sleeve. No better way than to say it with gold.

Dog Tag

For a clean Scandinavian jewellery expression, opt for the Dog Tag Necklace in gold. The bevelled edges of the pendant are as pleasing to the touch as they are to the eye. Nestling on a broad chest is comfort and security.

Coco Ring

The Coco rings are perfect for evening-wear, as the embodiment of dreams born out of encounters between gold matched with the elegant, modern style of Rosing. With a purity of line and strength of concept, the rings compliment the hands perfectly.

#4 Tuxedo Buttons

Stylish and fresh, the #4 Collection’s tuxedo buttons are refined in a way that surpasses fashions, with a contemporary style that is all about the right proportions. Black diamonds for a black-tie event set in white gold for that perfect white dress shirt.

Coco Bangle

As modern visitations of a most beloved classic, the timeless and minimalistic Coco bangles blend creativity and refinement, with the aim of enriching the individual expression of women and men all over the world. Enjoy for all time to come.