Kristina Rosing, Rosing Jewelry, has added a new benchmark design to her growing, multifaceted jewellery collection. Made of gold and set with diamonds from which cultured pearls are suspended, the Icon earring follows the minimalist design idiom set by the designer – a visual style that has won Kristina Rosing many loyal followers and clients – while also referencing the logo of the company.


Icon is meant to stand up to the test of time, thanks to its innovative style and simplicity. Without compromising on what is aesthetically pleasing, Icon proudly takes its place in history by setting new standards in term of quality.


On the earlobe, Rosing’s signature is seen – a circle with a small opening at the bottom. At the bottom, a slightly larger brilliant is set, gently leading the eye over to the white cultured pearl, which is suspended from the central brilliant. The cultured pearl has a built-in tiny seesaw option, to further the impression of liveliness to the design of the earrings.

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In an expression of creative abundance, Kristina Rosing has already made Icon in a unique version; with Tahiti cultured pearls from which tassels of black roughly-facetted diamonds are suspended. For the sheer joy of the new design.

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