Exhibition – Jewels of the Sea

For the special exhibition Jewels of the Sea, hosted at Fjord&Bælt in the city of Kerteminde during the summer of 2020, Kristina Rosing was invited to design a unique piece using by one of the three gems made of and in the sea – corals, cultured pearls and amber – and inspired by life in, on or under water.

The catalogue accompanying the exhibition presented a cursory review of sea history: Portraits of the sea and its life immortalised in literary tales, in paintings and film, in music and jewellery, in the monsters of mythology, in religious accounts of the creation and in the subconscious of psychology. The sea has provided food, means of transport for trade and an insightful source of inspiration for artists. Monsters and maelstroms have held their place in mankind’s fearful fantasies – while conches, seashells, fish and whales have figured as symbols in religious contexts and in art history.

Kristina Rosing designed a bandeau entitled Wave. It is made of 14 karat gold set with 18 Tahiti cultured pearls in diameter sizes ranging from 8,1 – 12,4 mm. The cultured pearls shimmer in the colours of the ocean – greenish, blueish, and darker. Wave is part of the Twisted collection, and with its defining Moebius twist, the cultured pearls are always on display to be seen, no matter the angle. Worn vertically, the piece looks like a hairband – worn horizontally, it is a diadem.

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