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Engagement rings

Engagement rings

The quintessential magical and memorable moment begins with the question: Will you? Presented at the same time is the ring, which holds the promise of love – and this ring will be a daily reminder of her loving choice, forever and ever. The diamond engagement ring is a symbol recognised all over the world. The ring – a circle with no beginning and no end – is the ancient symbol of eternity with the sparkling diamond, shining with the light of love.

You never choose a diamond
– The diamond chooses you

Diamonds are the ultimate symbol of love. Rosing diamond engagement rings combine a pureness of design with the highest quality of gemstones. Classic, elegant and timeless beauty.

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Wedding bands

A vow is forever. Wedding bands represents the unique and everlasting bond of love – a symbol of your commitment.


Rosing is pleased to help you find the perfect rings for you and your partner.

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With its exquisite union of beauty and eternity, diamonds and gold, this wedding band is set with five brilliants – each gemstone on the ring is mounted in a solitaire setting, in order for the diamonds to reach full scintillation potential. As a precious touch of refinement to even the most subdued of outfits, this ring will be a source of everlasting pleasure.


The wedding band set with five diamonds in solitaire settings is made of yellow, white or rose gold.

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