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With this ring, I ask you to be mine..

Engagement rings

The quintessential magical and memorable moment begins with the question: Will you? Presented at the same time is the ring, which holds the promise of love – and this ring will be a daily reminder of her loving choice, forever and ever. The diamond engagement ring is a symbol recognised all over the world. The ring – a circle with no beginning and no end – is the ancient symbol of eternity with the sparkling diamond, shining with the light of love.


With casual nonchalance and a definite sense for fine luxury, Kristina Rosing has reinterpreted the traditional engagement ring with her new design known simply as “Classic”.


As a lover of everything that is beautiful in life, Kristina Rosing is often inspired by geometry. This time, she has effortlessly translated the loveliness of numbers, patterns and perfection into the prong-setting of a diamond solitaire ring.


The diamond on the slender ring is set inside either two, four or six prongs. So, select your visual preference in a relaxed manner, and let the joy of romance shine alongside the distinctive design element. Of course, Classic bears Kristina Rosing’s signature on both sides of the slender gold ring – look closely beneath the diamond on the side of the setting, and you will find the iconic detail.


A classic and supremely elegant diamond ring. A solitaire diamond engagement ring is a symbol recognised all around the world. The ring is a circle with no beginning or end, and an ancient symbol of eternity with the sparkling diamond as the everlasting light of love. The finest of diamonds to mark an everlasting love.


The exquisitely crafted Solitaire rings are made in our workshops according to your choice of precious metals.


With its exquisite union of beauty and eternity, diamonds and gold, this wedding band is set with five brilliants – each gemstone on the ring is mounted in a solitaire setting, in order for the diamonds to reach full scintillation potential. As a precious touch of refinement to even the most subdued of outfits, this ring will be a source of everlasting pleasure.


The wedding band set with five diamonds in solitaire settings is made of yellow, white or rose gold.

A Twisted Alliance

With the Twisted Alliance ring, designer Kristina Rosing has added a new piece to the Twisted collection. Originally, a fresh perspective on the classic alliance ring allowed the jewellery designer to fashion her own look at the genre. The subtle twist of the Möbius band plays a game of peek-a-boo with the diamonds set on one side of the ring, catching the light from different angles, and thus giving additional sparkle to the precious gemstones. Inviting stacking options to the pure abstraction of the Twisted Alliance. The Twisted Alliance ring can be made in three gold colours.

Transcending time with Twisted Alliance

A ring is always the perfect gift for a woman. Every time she looks at it, she will remember the special someone who gave it to her. Surpass expectations with a fully paved diamond version of the Twisted Alliance Ring, ideal for formal occasions, casual fashion looks, and evenings out. Regardless of the occasion or the style of the dress, the Twisted Alliance Ring set with diamonds bring out the wearer’s refined taste. As an investment for years to come, the ring transcends time with its classic look. Made of gold and set with diamonds.


With love from Rosing

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A vow is forever. Wedding bands represents the unique and everlasting bond of love – a symbol of your commitment. Rosing is pleased to help you find the perfect rings for you and your partner.

Endless Love


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Beauty is in the detail

Candy Candy Collection

The collection entitled Candy Candy is all about colours, glamour, cocktails and parties – fun and laid-back, with a bohemian-chic style. Something extraordinary, special and unique, most of the pieces are made as one-of-a-kind, set with colourful gemstones, sometimes in unusual cuts, precious diamonds and lustrous pearls. Extravagant, sophisticated and playful, sapphires, emeralds, tourmalines and rubies banish the winter blues, and remind us of a carefree summer.


The gemstones of the Candy Candy creations include sapphires, rubies, beryls, aquamarines, citrines, tanzanites, peridots, topaz, and spinels, diamonds and cultured pearls, set in gold, white gold and rose gold.

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Perfectly personal

Candy Candy Collection


The pavé-set Diamond Drops ear studs have gotten a new pair of drop-shaped pendants in the assortment of possibilities for decorations. The pendants consist of two drops, inscribed within each other, as an echo from the inner to the outer motif – and in a perfect rendition of the overall drop-shape of the ear studs themselves. The pendants are set with diamonds, partially placed on the outside of the drop-shape – partially placed on the inside, thereby referencing the bangle and pendants from the Twisted collection.

The finishing touches


Most lately, the #4 collection has been renewed with a romantic hair pin made of gold and set with brilliants. The silhouette of the harmonic square, which both served as an inspiration for the motif and the title of the collection, is set with 0,15ct TW/VS diamonds. As the ultimate stylish glitter for glossy hair, the hair pin is just as suitable for a wedding day as it is for an everyday occasion. As an extravagant touch, the hair pin is the perfect combination of a piece of jewellery and an accessory, with its modern reference to ancient traditions for hair jewellery.

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No event is complete without the impeccable elegance of the lustre of pearls – and long necklaces makes the pleasures of pearls even more alluring. With a Rosing signature diamond-set Coco lock made of gold on a cultured pearl necklace, the look is one of pure style.


The Coco Pearl Lock is the elegant centrepiece of trendy liaisons.

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Nova ring

For a slender, yet highly sculptural look, the large Nova gold ring has a diamond band at its centre – powerful and elegant. With her distinct sense of architectural patterns that encourages the eyes to wander all the way around the ring, Kristina Rosing has made the Nova design as her homage to symmetry with the subtlest of echoes of harmony.


The Nova ring is made in either gold or white gold, set with diamonds in the middle.

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You are my magic


Legacy ring

You’re never fully dressed without diamonds

You never choose a diamond
– The diamond chooses you

Diamonds are the ultimate symbol of love. Rosing diamond engagement rings combine a pureness of design with the highest quality of gemstones. Classic, elegant and timeless beauty.

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