The #2 Collection was the second collection of jewellery that Kristina Rosing made. Whereas her first jewellery collection had been inspired by a traditional square, Kristina Rosing’s second and very graphic minimalistic collection was focused on the rhombus, also known as the diamond shape. The outline of the design is kept light and elegant, coolly nonchalant and minimalistic.


The diamond motif is either left open, or fitted with a gold insert, inviting engravings surrounded by diamond-set edges, or perhaps simply completely covered with diamonds.


When love between two people, forever oriented towards each other, is the inspiration, the results are both sophisticated and unpretentious at the same time. Whether for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or a couple wedding day, no one can miss the declaration of love as the ultimate accessory – jewellery as tender and unforgettable as a kiss, reflected in the shape of a bangle.


The #2 Bangle is either made of yellow or white gold, imagined in the spaces between four lines, which are parallel in sets of two.

#2 EARRINGS with snowflake pendants

Pay your own glittering homage to diamonds by wearing the #2 diamond-shaped earrings with Snowflake pendants in a personal fashion statement, meant for a season of celebrations. Immortalised in gold set with diamonds, the #2 earrings are as feminine and flirtatious as their outline – a suggestion of things not seen.


The #2 earrings are available in gold and white gold, and they can be made with or without diamonds.

#2 EARRINGS Mix’n’Match with snowflake pendants