IO Jewels Infinity

io jewels Infinity – The rubber bracelet

The io jewels Infinity bracelet was originally conceived in 2006 by Steen Ragnar, father of Kristina Rosing. Inspired by his life with some of the world’s greatest watch brands, Steen Ragnar wanted a bracelet of the same calibre for himself – and with his love of everything Italian, he decided on the name “io”, which means “I” in Italian. The name was intended to underline the individual options in the personalisation embedded in the bracelet, he made for himself. Soon, by popular demands, he had to start making the first bracelets for his clients, and from his initial sketches Kristina Rosing was put in charge of developing an entire collection of jewellery and accessories for men and women.


The rubber bracelet io jewels Infinity has become the symbol of io – due to the outstanding design and possibilities of moving the many different links, made of gold and set with diamonds, about on the bracelets.

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Since 2006, the signature square links for the io jewels bracelet have been made in either yellow, white or rose gold, in several sizes, and if so desired, set with colourless, black or coloured diamonds. In 2018, by popular demand, links made of steel has been added to the series, to complement the look of some of the world’s most popular Swiss watches.


The steel links of io jewels can also be set with diamonds.


The rubber bracelet of io jewels gathers the locks and links of the collection, and the bracelet can be worn twirled around the wrist once or several times. The smooth mat surface of the rubber bracelet makes it discrete and beautiful, durable and incredibly comfortable. The elegant design keeps the bracelet suitable for both day and night.


Lightweight and hypoallergenic, the rubber bracelet can even be worn by those with sensitive skin.

io jewels invites you to create

The io jewels Infinity bracelets enables the personalisation of your own individual expression by the adding, changing or re-arranging of the links. The possibilities for creating unique and stylish bracelet solutions are endless. The individual options for combining different sizes of gold links and perhaps links with several diamond colours are limitless.


Ultimately, you decide the look of your io jewels infinity bracelet.