Coco Pearl

Coco Pearl Collection

From the sumptuous atelier of Kristina Rosing comes the Coco Pearl collection – a mix of beautiful cultured pearls set in gold with precious diamonds which makes the collection magical in all exclusivity. Coco Pearl is set with fine cultured pearls. Sparkling diamonds encircles either a Tahiti or South Sea cultured pearl.


All the cultured pearls are handpicked, carefully selected for their colours, their perfect round shape, flawless surfaces and lustre quality.

Coco Pearl Rings

The Coco Pearl rings are perfect for evening-wear, as the embodiment of dreams born out of encounters between cultured pearls of rare beauty, matched with the elegant, modern style of Rosing. The rings can be worn individually or in a bouquet of beauty, because the minimalistic graphic style of the gold plays up against the sensual splendour of the cultured pearls.


The Coco Pearl ring in gold or white gold is made in two sizes, and the range of Tahiti and South Sea cultured pearls are encircled with colourless diamonds.

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Coco Pearl Earrings

With a purity of line and strength of concept, the Coco Pearl earrings are stud earrings made of gold or white gold, from which pendants set with beautiful Tahiti or South Sea cultured pearls surrounded by diamonds hang. While the pearls may flatter the complexion of women, the diamonds add the sparkle which guarantees wear-ability for decades.


The compelling combination of minimalism, cultured pearls and excellent diamond-setting work is reflected in the overall construction of the Coco Pearl earrings.

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Coco Pearl Pendants

As a beautiful and elegant pearl and diamond pendant which compliments every neckline, the Coco Pearl pendant is made in two sizes. While fascinating both mind and heart, the Coco Pearl pendant invites a loving touch – the wearer thinking of the giver, the cultured Tahiti or South Sea pearl has a certain gentleness to it, while surrounded by diamonds which keeps the pearl safe.


The Coco Pearl pendant will remain eternally decorative. The match of pearls and diamonds is one made in heaven – one which flatters and delight all women.

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The pearl has never been more youthful or electrifying than it is today, and the bohemian luxury style as well as a classic lifestyle is unthinkable without a lavish abundance of pearls, worn as necklaces. Pearls adapt to every outfit, transforming the outfit into whatever the occasion calls for; discreet sophistication or a glamorous powerful impact.


The necklaces are strung with either white South Sea or black Tahiti cultured pearls, and colour combinations are made of greenish Tahiti and pink freshwater cultured pearls.


No event is complete without the impeccable elegance of the lustre of pearls – and long necklaces makes the pleasures of pearls even more alluring. With a Rosing signature diamond-set Coco lock made of gold on a cultured pearl necklace, the look is one of pure style.


The Coco Pearl Lock is the elegant centrepiece of trendy liaisons.