When luxury meets luxury

From time to time, Kristina Rosing takes on orders of very special limited editions of company gifts. Necklaces, pins or cufflinks are amongst the first choices when it comes to jewellery categories selected to be made on request for company employees.

These select pieces will never be for sale. They are intended as exclusive gifts for co-workers – a token of appreciation from the work-place to the employee made in precious materials, as a way to give thanks for the people that make all the difference in our day-to-day work.  

Any and all companies are most welcome to direct a request for Rosing to have a special piece of jewellery put into production. It can be a logo, a motif with special significance for a company or a symbol, which is then transformed into gold and diamonds. The sky is the limit on these kinds of orders.

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On request, Rosing has transformed the logo of Copenhagen-based day spa Amazing Space into an engraved 14 karat gold pendant with a tiny diamond in the centre. After all, the gold Rosing uses is sustainably mined and allergy-free, allowing the spa’s employees to wear their passion for pure wellbeing with pride, from recycled sources.