Coco Collection

The Coco collection has quickly become a classic of Rosing. The collection is comprised of rings, bangles and pendants, and thanks to a pure and minimalistic design, Coco is suitable for both day and evening wear. The small opening gives the design its characteristic look. The design is seductive – the look sleek and modern.


The Coco jewels are made in gold or white gold set with diamonds – colourless, black or coloured diamonds. The paved look requires that each diamond is cut to perfection, in order to achieve the expression of luxury.

Coco Rings

Sparkling, functional and flexible; as creativity meets class, the Coco rings encourage combinations in layers and stacks. The Coco ring is made in different sizes, so that several rings can be mixed or worn individually. The accessible, yet distinctive, style of the Coco rings originates in the eye-catching geometric shape, making it the ideal accessory for the trendsetter.


The rings are made in white, yellow or rose gold, set with or without diamonds. The possibilities for personalisation of the expression and style are endless.

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Coco Bangles

As modern visitations of a most beloved classic, the timeless and minimalistic Coco bangles are made of either white or yellow gold. The Coco bangles blend creativity and refinement, with the aim of enriching the individual expression of women all over the world. By the meticulous setting of the diamonds, maximum scintillation is ensured. Each bangle is hand-made according to measurements of each individual wrist, and the process requires a few fittings, since there is no compromise on fit.


As the bangles are created according to the same concept as the rings, they are available in two sizes, set with either coloured, black or colourless diamonds. Another array of gemstones can be set on the bangles, which can also be engraved with a personal message or name.

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Coco Pendants

The Coco design with the small open circle is also made as a pendant for necklaces. The Coco pendants are that fashionable statement, which also adds a touch of exclusivity to the jewellery. With their absolute purity and beauty, the pendants are timeless showstoppers, which will remind you of loveliness of life in a captivating line of diamond jewellery dedicated to elegance.


The Coco pendant is made in two different sizes and in the three colours of gold – yellow, white and rose gold – and set with diamonds.

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