coco diamond

Some may think that it is impossible to combine the practical with the extravagant, but then you need to reflect on the matter again. Because Coco Diamond successfully challenge that very notion with a stunning combination of the understated and the supremely glamourous. Illuminated by a pared down gold bezel setting, the diamond is free to catch, reflect and play games with sunlight.


The jewellery of the Coco Diamond collection is made with diamonds ranging from 0.25 carats – all naturally set in gold.

Coco Diamond Bangle

As modern visitations of a most beloved classic, the timeless and minimalistic Coco bangles blend creativity and refinement, with the aim of enriching the individual expression of women all over the world. The Coco Diamond Bangle is set with two brilliants; one of each of the openings of the bangle. Each bangle is hand-made according to measurements of each individual wrist.

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Prized for their beauty, the Coco Diamond Earrings are instantly modern and playful – and in their abstraction, the earrings are pure embodied elegance. Eternity has never looked so good, as when character, life and movement are integral parts of the design of a pair of earrings set with diamonds.

Stylish and statement-worthy, the Coco Diamond Earrings are a result of the heritage of the Danish Design movement.

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The Coco Diamond Necklace was the first to see the light of day in the Coco Diamond series, and to this day, Kristina Rosing always wears her own, the very first prototype ever made. The setting makes the diamonds appear larger, thereby completing the transformation of sublime gemstones and precious metals into virtuoso creations.

The Coco Diamond Necklace offers the ultimate in luxury and the definitive in jewellery, surrounded by that amazing aura of authentic craftsmanship.

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