Classic Ring

Classic ring

With casual nonchalance and a definite sense for fine luxury, Kristina Rosing has reinterpreted the traditional engagement ring with her new design known simply as “Classic”.


As a lover of everything that is beautiful in life, Kristina Rosing is often inspired by geometry. This time, she has effortlessly translated the loveliness of numbers, patterns and perfection into the prong-setting of a diamond solitaire ring.


The diamond on the slender ring is set inside either two, four or six prongs. So, select your visual preference in a relaxed manner, and let the joy of romance shine alongside the distinctive design element. Of course, Classic bears Kristina Rosing’s signature on both sides of the slender gold ring – look closely beneath the diamond on the side of the setting, and you will find the iconic detail.

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The ring is set with brilliants from 0,15 carats and upwards, to grace the hand of a modern bride. The timeless style of the engagement ring makes it a true Classic, and the brilliant-cut diamond is set in just the right height above the ring, in order for it to match with all the other rings in Rosing Jewelry’s collection.


Rings set with diamonds larger than 1 carat are accompanied by a tiny diamond set as a luxurious detail in the Rosing logo.

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